• ATM protection

    The system is developed to prevent assaults at ATMs. It’s based on cameras equipped with a depth finder (RealSense). Using RealSense personal data are filtered in […]
  • Steel production lines

    The system identifies possible defects in the process of cast-iron casting *(or pouring of cast-iron? I dunno, u decide)* to avoid any machine downtime (that can […]
  • The Extractor Hood

    The system classifies the functioning status of the extractor hood and verifes the status of general cleaniness of the filters. In order to do so it […]
  • Fluids pump

    The Novelty Detection system uses several sensors (accellerometer, temperature, pression,flow-meter, and flooding sensor) to detect possible parting from the normal configuration of a functioning pump.
  • Coffee machine

    The system is capable of classifying different operating status of the coffee machine: stand by, boiler on, coffee brewing, brewing with clogged dispenser, pump on and […]